Tweetsie Railroad Ghost Train

Tweetsie Railroad Ghost Train 2019

Tweetsie Railroad Ghost Train

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All Aboard this Thrilling Ghost Train

Tweetsie Railroad is the High Country’s Wild West theme park, located in Blowing Rock. The family-friendly theme park is filled with rides and entertainment for all ages. During the fall season, Tweetsie Railroad becomes a more chilling destination when the Ghost Train rides through.

About Ghost Train®

On weekends, from Sept. 20 to Oct. 26, Tweetsie Railroad transforms into a haunted attraction. The family-friendly Wild West theme park boasts chilling activities and attractions, as well as a nighttime ride on the Ghost Train.

Ghost Train Attractions

Tweetsie Railroad’s Ghost Train has plenty of activities and attractions for the whole family, some a bit scarier than others.

Attractions for All Ages

Come dressed in your Halloween costume to trick-or-treat along Main Street. Along the way, kids can enjoy, singing, dancing and musical performances by the Spice Ghouls. Find even more performances at the Tweetsie Palace Spooktacular. From 8–10 p.m., there will be a black light puppet show, perfect for all ages.

Walk through the colorfully lighted tunnel to The Boneyard. Once there, you can spin in the Black Hole, travel through the Warp Tunnel and bounce the night away in the bounce house. Head to The Creepy Carnival for more family fun. You’ll love experiencing these amusement rides after dark.

Attractions Recommended for Ages 8 and Older

Tweetsie Railroad will have several “Ghastly Attractions” that are recommended for guests ages 8 and older.

Climb aboard the event’s main attraction, the Ghost Train. Engineer Casey Bones will take riders through the spookier parts of Tweetsie Railroad. Along the way, watch out for ghouls and surprises around every corner.

You can’t have a Halloween event without a haunted house. Each room of Tweetsie Railroad’s haunted house holds a new shock and surprise waiting to be discovered. Or, if you dare, take a stroll through the Freaky Forest. You never know who (or what) you’ll encounter between the trees.

Ghost Train Tickets

Tickets for Tweetsie Railroad’s Ghost Train event are separate from the regular admission tickets.

Adults are $44, children (ages 3–12) are $38 and children under 2 are free.

More Information about Ghost Train

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