Rides at Tweetsie Railroad

Tweetsie Railroad Rides

Amusement Rides for All Ages at Tweetsie Railroad

Tweetsie Railroad is a Wild West theme park. No theme park is complete without some thrilling rides. Perfect for the whole family, and children of all ages, Tweetsie Railroad’s rides can provide excitement for everyone. From smaller rides that you can accompany the kids on, to rides that will twist, turn and drop you, find your adventure at Tweetsie Railroad.

Tweetsie Railroad Ride Restrictions

Tweetsie Railroad’s rides each come with an age or height restriction to guarantee safety.

E: For everyone, no restrictions

˅6: Children 6 and under must ride with an adult

˅12: Children 12 and under must ride with an adult

˅36”: Riders 36 inches tall or less must ride with an adult

˅42”: Riders 42 inches tall or less must ride with an adult

˄45”: No riders over 45 inches tall

˅48”: No riders under 48 inches tall. Riders at least 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult

˅58”: Riders under 58 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult

Tweetsie Railroad Rides

Here is a list of all of the rides you can enjoy at Tweetsie Railroad. Rides are in order of restriction.

Rides for Everyone

A staple in any amusement park, Tweetsie Railroad features a classic Carousel. Go round and round on one of the brightly painted animals.

While Tweetsie Railroad has two historic steam locomotives. Kids won’t want to miss a chance to take a ride on the Mouse Mine Train. This train takes you on a tour of the only Cheese Mine in North America. While you’re in the mine, say hello to Mordecai Morehead McMouse and Daisy.

Rides ˅6

A Ferris Wheel is another classic amusement ride. Get a view of Tweetsie Railroad from above on this ride.

Rides ˅12

For even better views, take a ride on the Chair Lift from Main Street to Miner’s Mountain. This chair lift offers panoramic views of the entire park. Those who don’t like heights can reach Miner’s Mountain by taking the bus that departs from Tweetsie Palace.

Rides ˅36”

Twist and spin on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Rides ˅42”

Really amp up your twists aboard the Tweetsie Twister. This ride makes fast figure eights, simulating being in an actual twister.

Rides ˄45”

These rides are perfect for kids to have some fun on their own.

Little ones will love safely reaching new heights in a personal biplane, helicopter or jet plane on Planes and Helicopters and F-80 Jet Planes. Or, captain the imaginary high seas on Boats.

Rides ˅48”

Take a ride up and enjoy the views of Tweetsie Railroad on Free Fall. Once you get a good look, you’ll be quickly dropped back to the ground.

Hold on tight as you spin on the Round Up. These G-force speeds will have riders practically glued to the ride. Or, send yourself into a Tornado as you twirl off the ground and in the sky.

Tweetsie Railroad Tornado

Rides ˅58”

Take a ride in a retro car on Turnpike Cruisers. You’ll love the wind in your hair as you take control of the wheel.

More Information about Tweetsie Railroad’s Rides

All rides are included with the general admission price.

Some rides are not recommended for people with heart conditions, back and neck problems, or pregnant women.

The State of North Carolina defines an adult as someone who is at least 18 years old.

Images from Tweetsie Railroad