Tweetsie Railroad Deer Park Petting Zoo

Tweetsie Railroad Deer Park Zoo

Interact with Animals at Tweetsie Railroad

Tweetsie Railroad is known for offering plenty of family-friendly rides, shows and activities. When you visit the mountain theme park, be sure to see some of Tweetsie’s furry residents.

About Deer Park Zoo

Tweetsie Railroad is home to Deer Park Zoo. Located in Miner’s Mountain, at the farthest end of the park, you’ll find about 90 animals that all call this animal park home. Deer Park Zoo began in the mid-1970s as a small park featuring European fallow deer, pygmy goats and birds. Today, the park has even more types of animals that you can pet and feed when you visit Tweetsie Railroad.

Deer Park Zoo Animals

Get to know the different types of animals you’ll find at Tweetsie Railroad’s Deer Park Zoo.

It wouldn’t be a deer park without a few deer. Out of the ordinary from the adorable deer you’d in your backyard, discover Tweetsie’s first species of deer, the European Fallow deer. European Fallow deer are smaller than whitetail deer and are often, chocolate-colored, white and spotted.

The Deer Park Zoo boasts two breeds of goats, African Pygmy goats and Nubian goats. African Pygmy goats are native to West Africa. These social creatures love to run, jump and climb. When you meet these African Pygmy goats, bring them their favorite treats, including weeds, briars or grain. Nubian goats are a cross between British goats and bucks from India and Africa. As you pet them, take note of their short, sleek coat and long ears.

Guests will find several members of the horse family at the petting zoo.

Burros were brought to North America by Spanish explorers to be working animals. At Tweetsie Railroad’s petting zoo, they are free to explore and play. Standing at less than 30 inches tall at the withers, the micro-mini donkey also calls this petting zoo home. Slightly larger is the miniature horse, with a height of less than 34 inches at the withers. These smart equines were used in European coal mines but also make for great pets.

Another type of pack animal, that now leads a much more relaxing life, is the llama. Llamas mainly reside in South America, but you can find them right here at Tweetsie Railroad.

It’s not every day that you can come face to face with an emu, but you can at Tweetsie Railroad’s petting zoo. These large, flightless birds hail from Australia and love eating fruit, flowers, insects, seeds and more.

Most petting zoos have sheep, but have you ever seen an Olde English “Babydoll” Shouthdown sheep? These woolly sheep, originally from England, have a teddy bear-like face. Come see these gentle-natured animals.

Tweetsie Railroad’s petting zoo has more than just mammals. Pay a visit to the yellow-bellied and red-eared slider turtles. Commonly found in eastern and central North America, these turtles prefer still waters with muddy bottoms.

More Information about Deer Park Zoo

A visit to Deer Park Zoo is included with the general admission to Tweetsie Railroad. Pet feed, however, is an additional fee.

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