SNAPSHOT: Recess Skate & Snow in Boone


Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller


The High Country in North Carolina is beautiful all year round! From Blowing Rock to Boone, a trip to the to this region is filled with the wonder and beauty of creation. Not to mention the small-town, friendly atmosphere. But something special happens when winter comes along. The mountains of the High Country are blanketed with snow, ready and waiting for adventure.

Recess Skate & Snow, in Boone, North Carolina, has everything you need from top brands to get you out on the mountain and having a great time. Whether you are renting snowboards, purchasing your first board or buying your fourth. They also know that riders can’t just wait for winter to come along. That’s why they are open all year round, selling a variety of products like skateboards, footwear and apparel.

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller


What sets Recess apart?

Recess is a rider owned and driven store. That means they know what skateboarders and snowboarders are looking for. Before Recess, there was a void in the High Country for a year round store that catered to everyday riders or first timers.

They don’t just talk about skateboarding or snowboarding, they know these activities firsthand! Their whole staff actively participates in these on a regular basis. So when they recommend a product, they’re not just trying to make a sale, they want customers to receive the best possible service and put them into the right product that will work best for them. Knowledge is key. The best way to know how a product works is to use it. This is what sets their staff apart.

But it’s not just riders they want to help. Anyone interested in snowboarding and skateboarding is welcome. They help customers on all levels, whether local or visitor.


What are the products at Recess?

Since Recess is rider owned and driven, the staff loves skateboarding and snowboarding. This type of personal involvement makes them care about the brands they carry. They want to get customers to feel like they have come to the right place for quality goods. They pride themselves on carrying only brands that they are willing to stand behind.

Recess carries recognizable top brands that you may not be able to find anywhere else in the High Country: Vans, Capita, Nike SB, Rome, Union and more! They also carry a lot of smaller, up-and-coming brands that you can’t find at your everyday retail store. They love introducing customers to cool brands they haven’t even heard of.

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Some of things you’ll find at recess are:

•winter accessories (gloves, goggles, beanies, etc.)
•apparel for men and women
•accessories (hats, sunglasses, belts, etc.)
•so much more!


Recess loves being a part of the High Country community. As they say, “The High Country is definitely one of the best parts of North Carolina you can be in!” Because of that, rather than just being another retail store, they try to stay involved. To be a part of what’s going on. Whether it’s welcoming guests to their on-site skate ramp, hosting snowboard and skateboard events, or even just being on a first name basis with their customers.

If you’re ever in the High Country during the winter, be sure to check out their biggest event of the year—wRECklESS RAIL JAM at Beech Mtn. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Recess is about community—the rider community and the High country community.



Contact Information:

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Photo Credit: Drew Fuller

Recess Skate and Snow

1158 Highway 105, Boone, NC






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