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Doe Ridge Pottery has been a presence in the High Country of North Carolina for 40 years. 40 years of bringing beauty, art and whimsy to the people of Boone, NC and the visitors who are fortunate enough to visit. Located on King Street, the storefront has drawn people through its doors since it opened in 1988. Doe Ridge works to bring High Country art to popular attention.

Pottery has historically been an important part of North Carolina culture. Not only did it improve life in the mountains in a practical, utilitarian way, but it also brought fun and beauty into the home. Doe Ridge strives to continue this amazing tradition in its pottery.


History of Doe Ridge Pottery


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Doe Ridge is the signature name of owner and master potter Bob Meier. After a tour of duty with the Marine Corps, Meier attended Appalachian State University studying in the Tech Department. It was there that he stumbled into pottery making. He discovered a natural talent for throwing and creating beautiful pottery. He never looked back!

Since then, he’s been a teacher to many sharing his craft and artistry. He has given instruction to artists and those who just want to try their hand at pottery. From elementary aged students to adults, he has taught at locations throughout the High Country.

The Doe Ridge Pottery store opened its doors on King Street in 1988, and is now one of the oldest storefronts in the area. They sell pieces by 18 local potters, including Meier. They also have a working studio as part of their shop where visitors can see how and where their pottery is made.


High Country Pottery: Beauty, Practicality & Whimsy

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If you are looking for a gift or item that represents your trip to the High Country, look no further. The pottery at Doe Ridge draws from local flora, fauna and vistas so typical to this region for inspiration. There is a strong connection to the grassroots of local work and local craft.

At Doe Ridge you can find whimsical pieces that kids will love, fine art for collectors and functional pieces to use in your home. Every piece, from the practical to the precious, is handmade. Egg separators, lamps, humorous face jugs and hand carved art—every item is vivid with local flavor.

So welcome to Doe Ridge Pottery! Come support local art and artists in the High Country! You will feel immediately welcomed and at home. You’ll also find items that you can treasure for years to come.

And while there, be sure to ask Bob Meier how he’s doing, and wait for his usual reply, “Fine as frog hair!”


Contact Information:

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585 West King Street
Boone, NC






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