Blowing Rock Zipline
Sky Valley Zip Tours

Sky Valley Zip Tours

Ten zip lines, a cliff jump, a swinging bridge and countless views later - you have an experience at Sky Valley Zip Tours you won't soon forget.

We invite you to come experience the best zipline canopy tour on the east coast. The tour consist of 10 ziplines totaling over 6500ft of cable, including our highest line "Big Mamma". At just under 300ft high and over 1600ft long it's one of the highest zipline on the east coast. Between lines 5 & 6 we hook you to a belay device and you take a leap of faith of a 40ft rock face cliff. Between lines 8 & 9 there is a 120ft swinging bridge over a beautiful Flannery Fork creek and waterfall. Our tour is a true canopy tour high through the trees and mountainside. We have a thoroughly trained, fun and friendly staff to make you experience a safe and fun one. So if you are ready to experience the most 2.5 hours of adrenaline pumping fun you can have, give us a call and book you tour 855-475-9947.

Zip Line Course

Witness 10 different views of the High Country. Whether you are an experienced zipliner or a first-time participant, just take a deep breath and let the natural beauty surround you. Be sure you smile as our Rangers strategically photograph your tour to document these once in a lifetime moments.

Ground School

Educating our visitors on what they will experience on the tour is of the upmost importance to us. We use our Ground School practice lines to train you and your group as you prepare to traverse the remainder of our exciting course. Listen to our Zip Rangers so you know how to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Swinging Bridge

As you’re 50 feet above the ground, you can take in the serene view of the 35-foot tall cascading waterfall surrounded by trees. This 120-foot long bridge literally takes you to new heights.

ATV Ride

We get you out in the beautiful forest from the very beginning with an ATV ride through the river and up the mountain. Sit back and relax before takeoff into Sky Valley.

Night Flight

This 1.5 hour tour under the stars covers the first half of our course (5 zip lines, including BIG MOMMA) and ends with the cliff jump.