The Eseeola Lodge

The Eseeola Lodge

The Eseeola Lodge in Linville upholds its 125 years of dedication to offering guests quality service, luxury amenities and a one-of-a-kind resort experience in High Country.

From its very beginnings in 1892, The Eseeola Lodge served as Linville’s social and economic hub—locals worked at the hotel, local farms supplied food, and visitors from all directions came for the exceptional dining, service, and leisure activities. Today—nearly 125 years later—The Eseeola remains steeped in this tradition and is a mainstay for generations of guests who’ve fallen in love with our unique mountain resort and the surrounding area.

Whether you’re here for relaxation, recreation, or reconnecting with friends and family—or all of the above—you can count on impeccable service and High Country hospitality. Read more about the origins of The Eseeola and the history that shaped us, or check out what’s happening in and around Linville right now. There’s always been a lot going on in this wonderful place—and you’re always welcome.

Address: 175 Linville Ave, Linville, NC 28646

Phone: (828) 733-4311